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We operate in a way that brings quality to your daily grind with life, family, work, hobbies and sport.

Once we establish all the ailing and other health conditions relevant to our profession, we help those clients who are willing to take steps towards solving their health problems. We help them resume their ‘normal state’ by reducing the pain, speeding up the healing process and preventing injuries, in combination with education for daily activities and individual exercising.
Fizio GP - Indiba Activ Centar
Zdravlje i ljepota - Fizio GP

A joyful and easy movement is a result of a well planned and executed therapy applying painless and pleasant techniques, active exercises and using top equipment.

A healthy content client is the best sign of success. Our everyday work then becomes easy, creative and inspirational. It’s what motivates us to acquire new knowledge and continuously research new possibilities for improvement.

We grow together, we feel the power of choice and respect our work and the beauty of existence.

Do you know of anybody who needs our help?

INDIVIDUAL APPROACH: we dedicate our time completely to you in a programme that is modified on daily bases and which, without doubt, brings the best results. Not only do we reduce the pain and heal the problem but we tackle the cause of the problem and remove it permanently.

We apply universally recognized painless treatments – usually they are various exercises and mobilisations though movement – that bring about everyday improvements of various complaints and of the bone, muscle and neuro systems. The exercises are pleasant and completely painless. One can start at the acute stage of the ailment because we can carry on indirectly thus achieving results on the part of the body that is affected or has a reduced mobility.

EDUCATION AND INFORMATION:  we can help you understand the cause of all your problems and how to prevent deterioration of your health, and should the problem resurface how to get rid of it in the most reliable way.

Zdravlje i ljepota - Fizio GP


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